Drayton Harbor Oyster Company

Field Research – Grilling Oysters at Drayton Harbor Oyster Company – Blaine, WA

If you didn’t know, the outdoor grillin’ cookbook project started as a joke with a friend in Maui this summer to fund an endless condominium hopping retirement. A month or so later when I built my bucket list I couldn’t resist adding the cookbook idea. I dig the bbq, so now creating my own Pacific Northwest barbecue techniques and recipe book is a thing. It’s officially on the list, no turning back now.


Near Honalua Bay

The coastline at Honolua and Mokuleʻia is rugged and is accessed by trail from a parking lot adjacent to the Honoapiilani Highway above. Honolua Bay consists of a rocky shoreline with small beach, coral reefs in a marine preserve and world-renowned surf break. Honolua Bay hosts the annual “Billabong Pro” women’s surf competition in December.

Valley Uprising

Valley Uprising and Thoughts on Yosemite Climbing

Between 1999 and 2009 our family spent a fair amount of time at Granite Arch Climbing Center in Sacramento, CA. We went there to learn, to practice, to improve our climbing skills and to hang out with friends.

Granite Arch was a fun place and we logged a lot of hours dangling from ropes above shredded tires. We had no idea at the time, but also baked into that arrangement was something truly remarkable.