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Mike and Sara

Hanging out with Sara (Mrs. Barlownotes)

This site is intentionally aimless…

I’m using WordPress as a journal and I post for fun.  I don’t have any planned direction, search engine optimization goals, or blogging strategy…  and I kind of like it that way.

If I had to describe what barlownotes is as a blog I would say that it is mostly a journal about my bucket list, goals, and active projects that I am working on.

Sometimes I write about them, but mostly I write what comes to mind and organize it as I go.

About Mike
The Barlow Clan

The Barlow Clan

I’m a dad and husband.  I enjoy hiking, cooking, getting outside, shooting photos and sipping the occasional micro-brew.  I work in biotech and blog on the side as a hobby.

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~ Mike Barlow